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why you should use a wrap sleeve label?

Some people are not aware of wrap sleeve label but they definitely saw in daily life. Wrap sleeves have the ability to give unique label shape, many color shades and provide excellent outstanding look. Wrap sleeve labels are applied in any types of bottles shape or sizes, don’t worry your products are small,
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Shrink Sleeve Give You More Market Share

Using sleeve label is a good way for marketing Shrink sleeve labels are used in almost every product industry such as food and beverages,cosmetics,cleaning products,chemicals and pharmaceuticals and so on. Shrink sleeve is an attractive low cost way to sell your product and gain market share.In order to make a product you can be
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The sizing of a shrink sleeve project

Shrink sleeve project first step-sizing Shrink sleeve labels are an attractive low cost way to sell your products and gain market share.before a shrink sleeve project you must consider a variety of issues,the first one is sizing. The dimensions used in shrink sleeves are lay flat and cut height.In order to determine
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Types of shrink sleeves

Bottle labels have different type Shrink Sleeves: Custom shrink sleeves don't necessarily have to cover the entire surface area of container, Shrink sleeve bottle labels can cover only a portion of the container, such as the shoulder, and shrinks to fit once heat is applied, allowing unconventional contours to display sleek graphics
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Shrink sleeve articles Printing film involves many tasks. The material is very thin so getting the proper web tensions without snapping the film or creating tears is critical. The slick surface of shrink film makes it difficult to get the ink to adhere and dry to, since you cannot use heat
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Wine bottle capsule is a part of culture of wine

Wine capsule is a necessary part of wine Our factory has full automatic production line for wine bottle capsules(PVC \ Aluminum) which we can export globally.we have been manufacturing wine capsules for more than 10 years.Please feel free to contact us anytime you like to know more. Aluminum with plastic foil capsule We have professional
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Heat shrink sleeve label can give you more impact The peak season of beverage products is coming soon,Are you ready for the mass production? We are supplier focusing on heat shrink sleeve labels and bottle tops(wine capsules) from China with over 19 years experience labeling and packaging solution to clients. 60 workers,10000㎡  workshop,19 years