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Shrink label make your product stand out from competition!

Shrink labels will make your products eye-catching

Today’s market calls for a label that stands out from the competition. An imaginative, 360 ° full coverage shrink labels draw the consumer to your product due to its unique sense of “shelf appeal.”

Heat shrink sleeve labels,Make your product to sell itself !

Shrink sleeve labels are multi-functional and have many benefits:

  • Imaginative design possibilities
  • Shrink sleeve labels are available for virtually any kind of container
  • 1 to 10 color – top quality rotogravure printing
  • 360 °full product coverage or spot designs for product
  • Matte, tactile surfaces are available
  • Suitable for plastic, glass or metal containers
  • Perforations – horizontal, vertical, or both can be incorporated into your label
  • Rolls or cut pieces are available
  • Steam or dry heat application
  • You can choose unique shaped container for your product
  • Reduce inventory costs – one bottle, limitless label options

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