The first step of a shrink project

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The sizing of a shrink sleeve project

Shrink sleeve project first step-sizing

Shrink sleeve labels are an attractive low cost way to sell your products and gain market share.before a shrink sleeve project you must consider a variety of issues,the first one is sizing.

The dimensions used in shrink sleeves are lay flat and cut height.In order to determine the lay flat size,you have to measure the container at its widest circumference. Once that  measurement is done,a formula is used to calculate the actual lay flat size.This will make sure the appropriate size to conform the container.

The cut height is determined by where you’d like the label to finish.Will it encompass the container from the neck to the bottom?Or, it can be only a neckband or a sleeve that only covers the middle of the container.Within the limitations of maximum shrink, the choice is made by the brand owner.The cut height can also be adjusted to go over the cap of a container to incorporate tamper evidence,This may eliminate the need for a secondary tamper band or seal.