Sleeve labels can make your product stand out on the shelf

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Shrink Sleeve Give You More Market Share

Using sleeve label is a good way for marketing

Shrink sleeve labels are used in almost every product industry such as food and beverages,cosmetics,cleaning products,chemicals and pharmaceuticals and so on.

Shrink sleeve is an attractive low cost way to sell your product and gain market share.In order to make a product you can be proud of you must consider a variety of issues such as sizing,shrink film,template,graphic and so on when beginning a shrink project.

Every shrink sleeve project is unique,In order to be successful you must consider every aspect that goes into the design and use of a shrink sleeve label.You will produce a package that not only looks great but also establishes brand identity and increases market share.

Freshmoon,a leader in shrink film printing industry in China for over 19 years,offers a wide range of shrink labels.Technical support is available to every of our clients.

If you have interested in shrink sleeves,Please contact us to learn more.

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