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Do a Shrink Test before mass production

A plastic labels shrink test is very necessary in a shrink project .You may or may not be there for this step. But you’d better go to the packaging plant ourselves and run the test. We will tweak the settings on the shrink tunnel to achieve the best speed and heat level. A shrink tunnel is basically a conveyor belt that runs through a metal box that is filled with steam jets. The steam shrinks the label to the container.

shrink project

We had hundreds of sample labels that were pre-seamed (cut from the original roll and seamed together into tubes) but we had a limited number of bottles. So labels that shrunk poorly were cut off the bottle so we could run another label on it.

Some shrink tunnels use steam, and some use a combination of infrared and hot air to shrink the labels. Which method you use depends on application. For full body applications, and when you want high quality, distortion-free graphics, steam tunnels are best. Steam is also best for pressurized containers or products with high flammability.