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How to store adhesive labels?

Adhesive labels & stickers should be stored well.

  • stickers & labels should guard against damp,keep dry and keep airy.
  • labels must be stored in a controlled temperature environment, between 10—25 °C, Since the glue will lose glutinosity if the environment is too cold.
  • labels must be packed and sealed well with plastic bag, and should be placed on the pallet or plastic plate.
  • The balance of environmental temperature and humidity is critical, You can store adhesive labels for 1 year if the temperature is 20±2°C and the humidity is 65%±5%. The lowest temperature for storing labels is 10 °C.
  • When the adhesive labels are stored in winter, which means the temperature is under 10 °C, The labels should be placed in a 18°C ~22 °C 48 hours before using.
  • The labels should avoid direct sunlight, And keep complete packaging before using.

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