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What is Polylam capsule?

A Polylam capsule is used primarily in the wine industry that provides tamper-evidence as well as a premium finished look on a bottle,It will further enhance the brand of you product.A Polylam capsule is actually a Aluminum+polyethylene Capsule, it could be plain or decorated with a variety of finish disposals.

The aluminum+polyethylene capsule is a two-piece construction. The body is made from a multi layer lamination of aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum and the top is made from a single layer of aluminum. The two pieces are glued together using heating and pressure during the forming process. The formed capsule is spun down onto the neck of the bottle with a spinning machine.
produces PVC, Aluminum+polyethylene capsules in a wide array of sizes, colors and finishes to meet your marketing and technical requirements. Our commitment is that every singal one of our capsules is a great one and the price you get is the best in the world,Which have made us a leader in wine capsule production in China over 15 years.

Key features :

  • High quality at a competitive price

  • Premium look

  • Can be made with tear-tab, top embossing, hot stamped or printed

  • Up to 10 colors can be incorporated into design

  • All customized to meet your requirements and demands

  • Traditional spun down capsule

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