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An eye-catching shrink bands will boost your sales

Custom shrink bands are widely used on bottles and jars for soy sauces and hot sauces,which is a cost-effective way to boost the sales. Freshmoon has over 15 years experiences in manufacturing shrink neck bands in China nice reputation. All shrink neck bands we made were customized, we can make any colors,any sizes,perforation,tear strips,hot stamping,etc.

Shrink bands have many advantages as follow:
1\personalized printing make your products eye-catching.
2\logo printed can enhance your brand identity.
3\tear strips or perforation can make it easy to open.
4\personalized artwork will make your products stand out on the shelf.
5\differentiate your products from your competitors.
6\pre-formed shrink bands are easy to apply.

So, an eye-catching and different shrink seals(bands) will boost your sales definitely!