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What is a Pre-formed shrink neck band?

Pre-formed shrink neck bands are easy and fast to apply

A shrink neck band is a band of PVC or PET that fits around the cap and neck, which must be removed to open the container. Using shrink neck bands is more cost effective than purchasing tamper evident caps or induction sealing machines.

Freshmoon is a manufacturer specialized in shrink bands with over 15 years experience in China. Our shrink neck bands were widely used on spice and sauce jars, water bottles, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals and more. Our pre-formed shrink neck bands have the benefits:

  • Easy and fast to apply by hand or by machine.
  • Unlimited sizes and colors.
  • Personalized Logo and text printed.
  • Vertical or horizontal perforation for easy removal.
  • Customized styles to suit your containers.

Depending on what type of product you require, The Freshmoon Company can create custom sizes and colors for your shrink bands within a couple of days.


Contact us at anytime whenever you have questions. Besides, Free samples are available on your request !