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How to design a nice wine label?

Normally, there are some information on the wine label:

  • brand name and manufacture
  • Wine type style and grape varieties
  • origin
  • grape harvest year
  • alcohol content
  • some other information (such as drinking warning;,winning information,winery owner’s signature,etc)

Many consumers choose Wine on the shelves, So the packaging of wine, especially the wine label design is important. How to stand out from competitors? Winemakers can refer to the following recommendations:

  • Through the use of different colors, different font styles and sizes to guide the attention of consumers and highlight important information, pay attention to the label layout, maintain visual balance.
  • For those manufacturers who have established a deep consumer base, It’s better to highlight brand names and manufacturer names, it is easier for those consumers to recognize.
  • Those developing manufacturers can choose outstanding series. In addition some famous manufacturer’s low-end wine, in order to establish a new consumer groups, also need to distinguish from the main wine labels.
  • Through the wine history, vineyard’s introduction, wine making process and tasting notes and other additional information to enrich the content of the label, to stimulate the interest of consumers.

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