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What should you concern when ordering adhesive label?

Custom Adhesive Label is important to enhance brand identity, to reflect the quality of products, to stimulate consumers to purchase .

When you are going to order custom adhesive label, there are many points you should concern about:

  1. If the label size is too large or too small, you should pay attention to actual test.
  2. If labeling on irregular surface such as spherical surface or corrugated cardboard box ,You should have a specific consideration on label’s material type, thickness and adhesive or glue.
  3. If labeling automatically, you’d better carry take a labeling test before mass production.
  4. Even if the label is applied under normal temperature, You should pay attention to the possibility of high temperature during the transportation.
  5. If your product is under low or high temperature environment, you should choose the suitable material and glue.

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