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How to read wine bottle label?

A wine bottle label can tell you a lot of things, The premise is that you must be able to read it.

Usually, the 5 basic elements of the label includes manufacturer or winery name (Producer), Region, producing grape variety or origin, Vintage and alcohol content.

1, Manufacturer or Chateau

This information tells you the producer, usually marked in a conspicuous position of label, or with a short text on the label at the top or bottom.

2, Producing area

The brewing grape region or vineyard.

3, Grape varieties or origin

The information indicates the type of grape that was selected for making the wine

4, Vintage

The vintage year of this wine. Getting familiar with different vintages will help you learn more about wine.

5, Alcohol content

The alcohol content actually contains a lot of information, such as wine grade, production area, wine style, and so on.

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