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Methods for removing self adhesive labels

Often encounter a variety of self adhesive labels in our life , It is not easy to tear it clean.How to deal with these stubborn stickers without damage to the surface of the object. The following are several good ways.

1: use an eraser

Method: use an eraser to wipe constantly. The glue will start to darken at first, But the glue will fall off slowly.

Advantages: easy operation, quick effect.

Disadvantages: the effect is not clean enough.

2: use a hair dryer

Method: using hot air from hair dryer to blow directly,in the distance from the self-adhesive label 10cm or so,blow a while later, while blowing, you can remove the self-adhesive label slowly.

Advantages: easy operation, quick and good effect.

Disadvantages: not suitable for non heat-resistant plastic, high temperature is easy to distort objects.

3: use edible oil

Methods: apply the oil evenly to the labeled area. After 3~5 minutes, you can tear it away directly from the corner of the label by hand. This will not leave any mark of the label.

Advantages: Suitable for glass, stainless steel and other hard objects, effect is good.

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