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Chinese new year is coming

Chinese New Year in 2018 is on Friday, the 16th of February.According to the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac cycle, the Chinese year beginning in 2018 is the year of the Dog.

Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival” in China, is China’s most important traditional festival.

Our factory will on vacation from February 13th to February 23rd .

So if want to please an order on shrink seals or adhesive labels, please make it in January or after February 23rd .

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How to choose suitable color of shrink capsules?

Shrink capsule are widely used on wine&spirits, hot sauces and olive oil and so on, not only for seal, but also for anti-fake. But sometimes we found the shrink capsules look ugly on the wine bottle, So how should we choose suitable color of shrink capsules?

In our experience, the color of shrink capsule depends on the color of wine,color of wine bottle and main color of label. For example, the wine and wine bottle have the dark color, so the capsule should choose the dark color to match the bottle,such as black, dark green, dark red.

On the other hand,the color of shrink capsule depends on the main color of labels, for example, if the label have the white as the main color, then you’d better choose the white to be the color of shrink capsules.

Freshmoon is manufacturer specialized in wine capsules and wine labels with over 10 years experience and nice reputation in China.

If you have interest in shrink capsules or self adhesive labels, please contact us today to discuss. We are sure to offer you high quality shrink capsules and labels as well as competitive price.

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How to order cheap adhesive label?

Adhesive labels are widely used on any kind of products, a cheap adhesive label can save your cost, freshmoon can manufacture and supply cheap adhesive label with high quality, how to order from us:

Step 1: Get Free samples

We can send Free samples by DHL Express to you on matter where you are, there is No charge! Click here to get Free samples today!

Step 2: Get pricing

We just need to know some details – label size, materials and quantity,etc. Then we will give you our quote promptly.

Step 3:  Sent artwork/your sample to us

Please send artwork of you label or your sample label to us if you have interest to cooperate with us, once we receive the artwork or your sample label, we can make sure whether we can take your order and meet your requirements.

Step 4: Arrange payment

Please arrange payment once you place an order to us, we will start plate-making for printing when we get your payment,We accept PayPal,Western Union and T/T.For big order, we can accept 30%-50% deposit and balance before delivery.

Step 5: We Send Free Proof for your approval on big order

For big orders, We will review and print label proof. The label proof will be shipped to you at no charge via DHL Express. This proof is what the labels will look like for your full order. Examine the label proof carefully for copy and color accuracy. We will start mass production after your approval.

Step 6: We Ship Your Labels

Your order will be finished in 5 days normally. We will send the goods by DHL on small order or shipping on big order.

Freshmoon is a manufacturer specialized in adhesive labels over 10 years with nice reputation. Please contact us if you have any questions, we can discuss.

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Methods for removing self adhesive labels

Often encounter a variety of self adhesive labels in our life , It is not easy to tear it clean.How to deal with these stubborn stickers without damage to the surface of the object. The following are several good ways.

1: use an eraser

Method: use an eraser to wipe constantly. The glue will start to darken at first, But the glue will fall off slowly.

Advantages: easy operation, quick effect.

Disadvantages: the effect is not clean enough.

2: use a hair dryer

Method: using hot air from hair dryer to blow directly,in the distance from the self-adhesive label 10cm or so,blow a while later, while blowing, you can remove the self-adhesive label slowly.

Advantages: easy operation, quick and good effect.

Disadvantages: not suitable for non heat-resistant plastic, high temperature is easy to distort objects.

3: use edible oil

Methods: apply the oil evenly to the labeled area. After 3~5 minutes, you can tear it away directly from the corner of the label by hand. This will not leave any mark of the label.

Advantages: Suitable for glass, stainless steel and other hard objects, effect is good.

Freshmoon is specialized in manufacturing self adhesive labels with over 10 years experiences in China, our labels were widely use in many industries such as food & beverage, wine & spirits, etc. We can supply adhesive labels all over the world with short lead time and fast delivery. We also supply full time service and prompt feedback. Please contact us today if you have interest.

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How to read wine bottle label?

A wine bottle label can tell you a lot of things, The premise is that you must be able to read it.

Usually, the 5 basic elements of the label includes manufacturer or winery name (Producer), Region, producing grape variety or origin, Vintage and alcohol content.

1, Manufacturer or Chateau

This information tells you the producer, usually marked in a conspicuous position of label, or with a short text on the label at the top or bottom.

2, Producing area

The brewing grape region or vineyard.

3, Grape varieties or origin

The information indicates the type of grape that was selected for making the wine

4, Vintage

The vintage year of this wine. Getting familiar with different vintages will help you learn more about wine.

5, Alcohol content

The alcohol content actually contains a lot of information, such as wine grade, production area, wine style, and so on.

Freshmoon is a manufacturer specialized in custom wine bottle labels with over 10 years experience and nice reputation in China, we can supply labels globally. We offer many options in material, any color and any shape is available.

If you need high quality wine labels with competitive price, please contact us today to discuss.

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What should you concern when ordering adhesive label?

Custom Adhesive Label is important to enhance brand identity, to reflect the quality of products, to stimulate consumers to purchase .

When you are going to order custom adhesive label, there are many points you should concern about:

  1. If the label size is too large or too small, you should pay attention to actual test.
  2. If labeling on irregular surface such as spherical surface or corrugated cardboard box ,You should have a specific consideration on label’s material type, thickness and adhesive or glue.
  3. If labeling automatically, you’d better carry take a labeling test before mass production.
  4. Even if the label is applied under normal temperature, You should pay attention to the possibility of high temperature during the transportation.
  5. If your product is under low or high temperature environment, you should choose the suitable material and glue.

Freshmoon is specialized in manufacturing adhesive labels with over 10 years experiences, we have experienced expert who can answer your questions and solve your problems promptly in 24 hours. So if you are in need of custom adhesive labels, please contact us today to discuss.

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How to design a nice wine label?

Normally, there are some information on the wine label:

  • brand name and manufacture
  • Wine type style and grape varieties
  • origin
  • grape harvest year
  • alcohol content
  • some other information (such as drinking warning;,winning information,winery owner’s signature,etc)

Many consumers choose Wine on the shelves, So the packaging of wine, especially the wine label design is important. How to stand out from competitors? Winemakers can refer to the following recommendations:

  • Through the use of different colors, different font styles and sizes to guide the attention of consumers and highlight important information, pay attention to the label layout, maintain visual balance.
  • For those manufacturers who have established a deep consumer base, It’s better to highlight brand names and manufacturer names, it is easier for those consumers to recognize.
  • Those developing manufacturers can choose outstanding series. In addition some famous manufacturer’s low-end wine, in order to establish a new consumer groups, also need to distinguish from the main wine labels.
  • Through the wine history, vineyard’s introduction, wine making process and tasting notes and other additional information to enrich the content of the label, to stimulate the interest of consumers.

Freshmoon has over 15 years experiences in manufacturing wine labels, any shape and any color is available, we offer many kind of materials such as paper, coated paper, Pearlized paper, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, PP, etc. We also make shrink wine caps.Please contact us today if you have any questions.

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The advantages of pre-formed shrink bands

Pre-formed shrink bands are widely used on caps of bottles and jars, they have the advantages as follow:
  •  Can fit the caps in different styles.
  •  Easier and faster to apply by hands.
  •  Look smooth after shrinking.
  •  Not easily distorted when stored for a long time.
Recent years, more and more people are choosing pre-formed shrink bands for their products,if you have interest, please contact us to discuss.
Freshmoon are professional manufacturer specialized in shrink bands and shrink sleeve labels with over 15 years experiences in China, we can deliver the goods to anywhere in the world.
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Cost-effective wine labels customized for you

Freshmoon is a manufacturer specialized in custom wine labels with more than 10 years experience and nice reputation in China,we will offer many solutions for your wines based on your requirements.All wine labels we made were customized, they were in high quality and low cost, it’s a cost-effective way that can save your budget.


  • Materials: coated paper,art paper,Aluminum foil paper,Pearlized paper,etc
  • Colors: CMYK, any pantone colors
  • Features: water-proof,alcohol-proof,heat-resistant,freezing-resistant,removable,etc.
  • Shape: any shape on your request.
  • Size: on client’s request, customized.
  • Artwork format: AI,PSD,PDF,CDR,ESP
  • Glue:water based,hot melt,high temperature resistant,removable,freezing resistant.
  • Surfacedisposal:Glossy/Matte,UV coating,Gold.Silver stamping,embossing,etc

We will offer full-time services as follow:

  • Supply Free samples.
  • Reply all inquiries in 24 hours.
  • Practical proposals on design.
  • Control cost to reach win-win cooperation.
  • Strict quality control system to guarantee premium goods.
  • Short lead time in 7 days.
  • Fast and on-time delivery.
  • Small order acceptable.

REMARK: If you need samples based on your design, there is a cost, but refundable when you place the order and according to the quantity.

Please contact us at anytime if you have any questions, we can discuss!

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What is a Pre-formed shrink neck band?

Pre-formed shrink neck bands are easy and fast to apply

A shrink neck band is a band of PVC or PET that fits around the cap and neck, which must be removed to open the container. Using shrink neck bands is more cost effective than purchasing tamper evident caps or induction sealing machines.

Freshmoon is a manufacturer specialized in shrink bands with over 15 years experience in China. Our shrink neck bands were widely used on spice and sauce jars, water bottles, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals and more. Our pre-formed shrink neck bands have the benefits:

  • Easy and fast to apply by hand or by machine.
  • Unlimited sizes and colors.
  • Personalized Logo and text printed.
  • Vertical or horizontal perforation for easy removal.
  • Customized styles to suit your containers.

Depending on what type of product you require, The Freshmoon Company can create custom sizes and colors for your shrink bands within a couple of days.


Contact us at anytime whenever you have questions. Besides, Free samples are available on your request !

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