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What is Polylam capsule?

A Polylam capsule is used primarily in the wine industry that provides tamper-evidence as well as a premium finished look on a bottle,It will further enhance the brand of you product.A Polylam capsule is actually a Aluminum+polyethylene Capsule, it could be plain or decorated with a variety of finish disposals. The aluminum+polyethylene capsule
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Shrink Sleeve Give You More Market Share

Using sleeve label is a good way for marketing Shrink sleeve labels are used in almost every product industry such as food and beverages,cosmetics,cleaning products,chemicals and pharmaceuticals and so on. Shrink sleeve is an attractive low cost way to sell your product and gain market share.In order to make a product you can be
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The sizing of a shrink sleeve project

Shrink sleeve project first step-sizing Shrink sleeve labels are an attractive low cost way to sell your products and gain market share.before a shrink sleeve project you must consider a variety of issues,the first one is sizing. The dimensions used in shrink sleeves are lay flat and cut height.In order to determine
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