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5 Key features of PVC capsules

Best PVC shrink capsules from China PVC shrink capsules are widely used in many industries, such as wines, beverages, alcohols, olive oil and sauces, here are 5 key features of bottle capsules as follow: 1\High shrinkage rate, making it conform to the bottle tightly. 2\PVC capsules are waterproof, dampproof and dustproof. 3\PVC capsules are

How to store adhesive labels?

Adhesive labels & stickers should be stored well. stickers & labels should guard against damp,keep dry and keep airy. labels must be stored in a controlled temperature environment, between 10—25 °C, Since the glue will lose glutinosity if the environment is too cold. labels must be packed and sealed well

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Heat shrink sleeve label can give you more impact The peak season of beverage products is coming soon,Are you ready for the mass production? We are supplier focusing on heat shrink sleeve labels and bottle tops(wine capsules) from China with over 19 years experience labeling and packaging solution to clients. 60 workers,10000㎡  workshop,19 years