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Any kind of cork stoppers for your bottles

We can also make cork stopper for wine&spirits bottles. We can make aluminum cap cork stopper,plastic cap cork stopper,glass cap cork stopper,stone cap cork stopper,etc. We can make custom printing on the cap of cork stopper.


No, our own factory can make custom printed shrink caps for wine&spirits, I have source for cork stoppers, and we have cooperated with the cork stoppers’ factory for many years.

It depends on the size and style of the cork stopper, if we have the molds for your size and style, the lead time will be 15-20 days. If we don’t have the molds for your size, we have to make new molds, then the lead time will be 25-30 days.

Normally we use UPS seaway to ship the cork stoppers, you don’t need to pay any extra customs duty, the UPS will deliver the goods to you directly. The shipping time of UPS seaway will be 20-25 days.

It depends on the quantity of cork stoppers you order , and total amount.
For the amount under USD $5000, we need full payment in advance. For the amount above $5000, we can do 50% deposit and 50% balance before shipping.

Yes, based on your requests, we can send you some samples (we made before in different sizes and colors and styles) for your reference for free.
If you need samples based on your size and design, there will be some sample-making cost.

Actually, we don’t have a MOQ, any quantity is available, but the price will be different, the more your order, the lower the unit price will be !

The cork stoppers’manufacturer is the licensed synthetic Cork stoppers’ manufacturer.

Yes, we need your sample bottle, so that we can confirm a suitable diameter and length of the cork stopper to fit your bottle.

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